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Foley Gallery: Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror
Deadline: October 29

Foley Gallery
New York, NY

Juror: Elinor Carruci

Mirrors and Beauty go hand in hand. Originally an incantation in the Brothers Grimm 19th-century story Little Snow-White and expanded upon in Disney's version more than 100 years later, “Mirror, mirror” has us questioning what beauty is and how it can be measured.

Mirrors are reflective surfaces, typically constructed of glass coated with a metal amalgam that reflects a clear image. You can take our theme literally and look to the properties of a mirror or reflective surface, or you can look at a mirror as metaphor for beauty. You artwork need not have a depiction of an actual mirror in it to be considered.

Fees: 3 images for $30, 4 images for $40, 5-6 images for $50