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A. Smith Gallery: The Imperfect Lens

The Imperfect Lens
Deadline: March 27

A. Smith Gallery
Johnson City, TX

Juror: Susan Burnstine

Plastic and homemade lenses along with pinholes eschew perfection — like drawing with the charred end of a log or singing opera to the accompaniment of ukuleles.  The drawing can be exceptional and the music sublime, unexpected.  Removing the technical and using simplistic tools allows the image maker to focus on what is in front of them to achieve their creative vision.  Images captured using toy, pinhole and homemade lenses are eligible for submission. The camera that the lens is attached to is immaterial.  Creativity is encouraged….

Juror’s Selection – $325.00
Director’s Selections – $250.00
Visitors’ Award – $100.00

Fees: $35 for 5 images, $6 for each additional image