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Orange Coast College Exhibition Proposals

Orange Coast College Exhibition Proposals
Deadline: April 15

Orange Coast College
Costa Mesa, CA

The Photography Galleries at Orange Coast College has for over forty years maintained a dynamic exhibition schedule. We currently have three galleries, two dedicated to bringing the work of established and emerging photographers to campus, and one devoted to the work of OCC students. The two exhibition programs work together to inform and enrich not only photography students, but the wider OCC community as well as the general public.

Artist is responsible to ship to OCC and OCC will pay to ship back. Depending on gallery and print size a typical exhibition is 16-24 (16x24 - 24x36) Prints only, even more with smaller prints. We are very flexible. We do have the ability to hang thin framed and mounted works.

Honorarium: This year was $250. We also cover cost of shipping back to artist.

Fees: Free