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The New York Art Residency and Studios Foundation: Emerging Curator

Emerging Curator
Deadline: May 1

The New York Art Residency and Studios Foundation
New York, NY

The New York Art Residency and Studios (NARS) Foundation is pleased to announce its seventh annual Emerging Curator Open Call. The Emerging Curator Program offers an opportunity for an individual to organize a conceptually cohesive group show at the NARS Foundation Gallery. The aim of the program is to encourage new dialogue and to create a platform for emerging curators and artists to experiment and exchange ideas. No prior curatorial experience is necessary. Curatorial collectives and two-person collaborations are welcome.

NARS Foundation will provide the gallery/exhibition space, insurance for the artwork during the term of the exhibition, administrative support including marketing, postcard invitations, and email invites. Additionally, NARS will organize an opening reception and a Curator’s Talk. NARS curatorial staff will be available to provide guidance and support during the program, including promotion.

The curator is responsible for organizing and installing/de-installing the exhibition in a timely manner including arranging all artwork delivery to and from the gallery and writing a short essay to accompany the exhibition. The exhibition will be scheduled between the months of March and April 2018. The curator is required to attend the opening reception and present a Curator Talk as part of the program. A stipend of $500 will be awarded to the selected applicant to help subsidize the cost of organizing the exhibition. There will be no other financial support towards production of artwork, installation cost, or shipping/transportation of artwork.