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SEA Foundation Curator Residency

Curator Residency
Deadline: August 15

SEA Foundation
Tilburg, NL

The aim of the Curator in Residence Program is provide time, space, and access to resources for curators to develop an exhibition, a project or an event. It offers curators opportunities to familiarize themselves with the visual art scene in the south of the Netherlands and make meaningful professional connections and relationships, refine networking skills and build vital professional capacities. Curators are encouraged to meet with artists-in-residence, share their research in the form of a presentation, and engage with curatorial and artistic staff of SEA Foundation.

To allow for ample research and project development, and time to collaborate with the creative community at SEA Foundation, the curator in residence is offered a light program – suited to needs – where artists, curators, and other arts professionals come together to create work and discuss themes in contemporary artistic practice.

We expect that applicants will be developing projects or developing their research with some form of future public outcome in mind. If an exhibiting partner for the proposed project is not yet identified, some assistance or coordination may be provided to secure an external opportunity for final presentation of the work created while in residence.

Fees: 30 euros