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I-Park Foundation Residency Program

I-Park Foundation Residency
Deadline: January 22

I-Park Foundation, Inc.
East Haddam, CT

Residencies are offered from May to December. The typical residency lasts four weeks and includes six artists, all of whom arrive and depart at the same time, ensuring a deeply shared experience. Residents are given a private bedroom in a renovated 1840s farmhouse, a private studio, and chef-prepared dinners four nights a week.

Shared amenities include a communal kitchen, common area, library, wireless internet, and a workshop outfitted with tools, materials, equipment and an electric kiln. The music studios are equipped with pianos, digital keyboards, hardware for recording, sequencing and sound manipulation, and a collection of percussion and obscure instruments.

The residency is self-directed and non-judgmental. You decide what you’re going to work on and when. I-Park’s resourceful staff is devoted to providing each artist with a fulfilling, productive and comfortable residency experience. We welcome ambitious installation projects on the I-Park grounds, and will furnish materials, equipment and labor for approved projects.

Each residency concludes with an Open Studios event, in which members of the public are invited to meet the artists, experience their work and explore the I-Park grounds.

Fees: $35