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Atlanta Photography Group: Know South/No South

Know South/No South
Deadline: April 11

Atlanta Photography Group
Atlanta, GA

Juror: Richard McCabe, Curator of Photography, Ogden Museum

APG is seeking photographic projects that provide new insight and a better understanding of the American South today. The show, Know South/No South, will look at the idea of Southern identity in the 21st century. The American South's contested history and culture has long been the stuff of myth and legend. For hundreds of years the South has been seen and recognized as a distinct cultural and geographical region apart from the rest of America. The culinary, musical, and storytelling traditions of the region are unique cultural byproducts that emanated from the deeply rooted structures of class, race, and economics that have existed for generations. 

This show is limited to residents of the Southern US or work made in the Southern US: Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.

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Fees: $50 for up to 10 images or $75 for 20 images.