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Click! Photography Festival PIC Grant

Click! Photography Festival PIC Grant
Deadline: May 31

This grant application is open to ANY institution, group, or individual in the United States. A minimum of one grant will be awarded. All applications must be submitted by May 31, 2018. Award will be announced June 15. The project/talk/exhibition or workshop/panel/happening/etc. MUST happen in Durham, Orange, or Wake County, NC during the CLICK! Photography Festival in October 2018 or include October and extend beyond. Applications will be juried by the CLICK! Executive Team and all decisions are final. Before final award, reasonable proof that grant awardee can execute their proposal will be required. Half of the monetary award will be granted at time of award, and the remaining half will be granted upon completion of the project. Grant winner is responsible for any taxes on award.

Submit the following items:

• A BRIEF description of your idea. 100 word maximum. Descriptions with 101 or more words will be banished into outer darkness.

• A line item budget showing approximately how you would use the $2500 including venue cost and travel/honoraria/supplies/exhibition costs/rentals/etc. Budgets exceeding $2500 are fine but indicate where additional funds will come from. Skin in the game is never a bad thing.

• For your idea, please answer two questions: (1) Who cares? and (2) Why should they? 100 word maximum.

• Tell us BRIEFLY who you are and about your connection to photography.

Fees: FREE