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Colorado Photographic Arts Center: LIES

Deadline: July 6

Colorado Photographic Arts Center
Denver, CO

Juror: Richard McCabe, Curator, Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Photography has a complex relationship to truth that leads all the way back to the invention of the medium. Our current culture adds to the immediacy of trickery, with claims of fake news and polarizing viewpoints, even without imagery to back it up - and what would an image prove anyway? From spirit photography to digital manipulation, photography has had to battle with an image that includes both reality and deception. For this juried exhibit, the Colorado Photographic Arts Center is inviting you to explore themes related to lies and the effect that misinformation has on our culture. Maybe by exploring work that talks about the prevalence of lies, we will find important truth about ourselves.

Fees: Members-$30 for up to 3 images, $4 each additional image, Non-members, $35 for up to 3 images, $5 each additional image.