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Revolve Gallery: Picturing Purity

Picturing Purity
Deadline: August 10

Revolve Gallery
Asheville, NC

Picturing Purity is a photography/new media exhibition to be installed at Revolve Project Space in Asheville, North Carolina, as part of a four-day art and science event, photo+sphere. This event features nationally known speakers, panelists, exhibitions, films, and performances, and is intended to bring attention to how we see our environment and the role humans play in determining the future of our planet.The goal of Picturing Purity is to engage in a nuanced conversation about environmentalism. From "virgin forests" to "untouched landscapes," the language of environmentalism is rooted in the sort of outdated thinking that commodifies women's virginity and places men in a position to either protect it (as a father/ conservator) or seek it (as a partner/nature lover). 
Can we move away from this narrow lexicon and grant ourselves new ways to imagine our relationship with the natural world? How might we start to articulate a relationship with the natural world that is one of complexity, co-dependency, and messiness? 

The curator seeks images that call attention to purity myths in our culture or demonstrate new ways of visualizing our relationship to our planet. 

Fees: $10