Crowd Funding Roundup: LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100-400 Film

Crowd funding is becoming increasingly popular among creatives. With more sites sprinting up and more artists asking for funds, Don’t Take Pictures spotlights projects that benefit the arts community.

This month’s crowd funding roundup presents a new  color negative film from Lomography. 


LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100-400 Film 

It seems that nearly every month another company announces the discontinuing of a film or closing of a production facility. Fortunately, some companies are continuing to produce analog products and some like Lomography, a leader in experimental analog products, are pushing boundaries with new films and cameras. LomoChrome Metropolis is the company’s first new color negative film in over five years. The film will be available in 35mm, 120 (medium format), 110 (pocket film), and 16mm (motion picture film). Like their previous color films LomoChrome Purple and LomoChrome Turquoise, LomoChrome Metropolis will have its own aesthetic qualities, in this case, desaturated colors and muted tones for higher contrast. Designed for the universal C-41 process, the film can be developed easily at your local color lab.

Lomography has success with Kickstarter in the past, having successfully funded over 10 analog film and camera projects. Creating an entirely new film is complicated and expensive. For the LomoChrome Metropolis, they hope to reach a $100,000 goal. These funds will go towards new chemical development for the film and equipment to produce the film that is rare and difficult to find. The rewards range from discounted rolls of film to film bundles including other LomoChrome experimental films and cameras.

Expected release date February 2020.

Read more about the LomoChrome Metropolis on the Kickstarter page.

There are 30 days left to fund this project.

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