News Recap: October 23, 2015

A weekly recap of art world news.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Florida Art Thieves Signed Guest Book Before Heist
Before stealing $6,000 worth of jewelry from a Palm Beach gallery, Megan Ohara and David Ziskoski signed the guest book with their real first names and phone numbers and the taunting email address: The duo stole a bracelet and ring from the ICFA Gallery and were later arrested at a nearby Publix.
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400 Year Old Church Emerges from Reservoir Waters
In Mexico, the Temple of Quechula was recently revealed when the water level in the reservoir where it had been drowned dropped significantly due to drought. The church is 400 years old and was first submerged in water in 1966 after the construction of a dam. Despite its many decades underneath the water, the church’s architectural details are in largely in tact and visitors have enjoyed photographing the structure while it remains above the waves.
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B&H Warehouse Employees Attempt to Unionize Citing Unsafe Working Conditions
B&H Photo Video, the largest independent photo retailer in the US, has been accused by its employees of hazardous working conditions and discrimination. A petition to organize has been filed with the National Labor Regulations Board and a vote among workers will follow in the next 30 days. The movement to organize comes on the heels of a recent demonstration where 200 workers and their families assembled outside the midtown store.
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