News Recap: October 9, 2015

A weekly recap of art world news.

Screenshot from @renior_sucks_at_painting Instagram account.

Screenshot from @renior_sucks_at_painting Instagram account.

Protesters Picket Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for Exhibiting Paintings by Renoir
What began as a joke Instagram account by Max Geller has turned into a small group of protesters outside the MFA holding signs with slogans like “Rosy cheeks are for clowns, do your job take them down!” Geller’s satirical protest against one of the least controversial painters is an attempt to make a point about the responsibility of museum curators to challenge the artistic merits of historically significant artists.
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Yale University Launches Website to Provide Easy Access to FSA Photographs
Titled “Photogrammar,” Yale’s new website allows users to search by USA county, specific location, or photographer to find a vast collection of photographs made between 1935 and 1945 by the Farm Security Administration. Famed photographers Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans are included, as well as many anonymous images.
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Photographer’s “Refugee”-Themed Fashion Shoot Sparks Controversy
Photographer Norbert Baksa’s recent fashion shoot titled “Der Migrant” has led to public outrage for its insensitivity to refugees. The photographs depict a model next to Croatia/Hungary’s border barbed wire fence while wearing designer clothing and headscarves. In some images, she is being apprehended by police. Baksa has defended his work dubbed “refugee chic” by commentators.
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