News Recap: November 14, 2015

A weekly recap of art world news.

Critical Mass Top 50. (screenshot by the author)

Critical Mass Top 50. (screenshot by the author)

Photolucida’s Critical Mass Top 50 Announced
Photolucida has announced the top 50 finalists for its annual Critical Mass competition. Over 200 jurors reviewed submissions from photographers from around the world to select the top 50 finalists who will have their work included in a travelling exhibition as well as be considered for an artist residency and the publication of a monograph.
View the finalists (Photolucida)

Photojournalist Withdraws Contest Submission Amidst Photoshop Controversy
David Caird, one of three finalists for Nikon-Walkley Press Photographer of the Year Awards recently pulled himself out of the running for digitally altering one of his photographs. The photograph of a baby gorilla at the Melbourne Zoo was discovered to have originally shown a piece of straw, which Caird clone-stamped out of the final image. The strict rules of the contest do not allow for digital manipulation beyond cropping, burning and dodging and “digital spotting.” This incident is just one in a string of many similar disqualifications and revocations of photojournalism awards due to digital manipulation.
Read the full story (The Walkley Foundation)

Marina Abramović Sued by Former Collaborator Ulay
German artist Ulay, Abramović’s former lover and collaborator, has sued the performance artist for allegedly violating a 1999 contract regarding works that they had created together. The suit claims that Abramović did not credit Ulay on numerous works, provided inaccurate sales statements, and has paid the artist only four times in 16 years. Abramović has denied all allegations.
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