News Recap: November 20, 2015

A weekly recap of art world news.

The Focus Awards. Photo: Silke Hase

The Griffin Museum of Photography’s 10th Annual Focus Awards
The Griffin Museum of Photography held its 10th annual Focus Awards last Saturday. This year’s Focus Awards recipients included Karen Sinsheimer, former Curator of Photography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art who received a posthumous Lifetime Achievement award. Multimedia photojournalism platform MediaStorm received the Spotlight award, and Don’t Take Pictures Editor-in-Chief Kat Kiernan received the Rising Star award.
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Reuters Bans Submission of RAW Files
News and photography agency Reuters has issued a ban on photographs captured in RAW format. Contributing photographers are now required to submit photos that were captured, processed, and stored in camera as JPEGs. The agency believes that this requirement will eliminate many of the post-production manipulation scandals that have occurred in recent years. Photographers are allowed to shoot RAW files alongside the JPEG capture, but may only submit the later to the agency.
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2015 PhotoBook Award Winners Announced
The Winners of the 2015 Paris Photo—Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards have been announced. Winners from four categories include Daniel Mayrit’s “You Haven’t Seen Their Faces” for First PhotoBook, Diane Dufour and Xavier Barral’s “Images of Conviction: The Construction of Visual Evidence,” Thomas Mailaender’s “Illustrated People,” and Will Steacy’s “Deadline.”
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Paris Photo Closes Early After Terrorist Attack
President Francois Hollande declared three days of national mourning after the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 129 people and left hundreds more injured. All museums and cultural institutions in Ille-de-France remained closed over the weekend, including the Grand Palais where Paris Photo was held. Photographers, gallerists, collectors, and other members of the photo community sent emails and social media updates on their safety and shared news of the city.
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