News Recap: February 13, 2015

Weekly recap of art-world news

Alexander Stevens on the deck of the  Aurora , McMurdo Sound, Antartctica. Photo:  Antarctic Heritage Trust .

Alexander Stevens on the deck of the Aurora, McMurdo Sound, Antartctica. Photo: Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Century-old Negatives Found Frozen in Arctic Ice
22 never before seen negatives were discovered frozen in a block of ice by Conservators of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust. The photographs depict an Antarctic expedition that took place over 100 years ago.
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Small Photo Startup Acquired by Google
With the intention of improving Google+ Photos, Google has purchased Odysee, a photo service that simplifies backing up smartphone and tablet photos to a main computer.
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Hollywood Connects Artists With Agents
United Talent Agency has launched a UTA Fine Arts, a division that will manage the careers of contemporary visual artists. Known for representing big name actors including Johnny Depp, this new division will charge 10% commission on projects and contracts it helps secure for its art clients.
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Germany to Open a Brick-and-Mortar Internet Museum
The traditional museum space will house displays illustrating the development of the internet since 1962, legendary computer models, the digital revolution, and modern day aspects including social media, data security, and more. Appropriately, the museum is turning to internet crowd-funding to raise $700,000 for construction.
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