News Recap: February 27, 2015

Weekly recap of art-world news

Yale University 1 New Haven Conn ©Haines Photo Co. via Wikimedia Commons

Yale University 1 New Haven Conn ©Haines Photo Co. via Wikimedia Commons

Yale Launches Photographic Conservation Laboratory
Renowned photography conservator Paul Messier will join Yale’s faculty as the head of the new Lens Media Laboratory. The lab become a part of the Yale Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and will focus on determining attribution, authenticity, and chemical composition. Meisser will bring his personal collection of 20th century photographic paper and will pursue additional acquisitions.
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BitchCoin: The Art-Buying Cryptocurrency
Artist Sarah Meyohas has created a unique cryptocurrency that can purchase only one thing: her art. Modeled after bitcoin, one BitchCoin sold for $100 will buy 25 square inches of one of her photographs. 25 BitchCoins ($2,500) are needed to purchase an entire print.
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Avedon Foundation Sues Over Damaged Photograph
While in storage, a Richard Avedon triptych suffered water damage. AXA Art Insurance Corporation’s hired appraiser determined the photograph had suffered a $398,000 loss. The Avedon Foundation’s hired appraiser judged the post-restoration of the piece at $50,000. The discrepancy in the appraisals caused AXA to delay payment for the past three years and the Foundation to sue for $2.5 million.
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Anti-Paparazzi Clothing Repels Flash Photography
“Flashback” is a new clothing line designed to ruin flash photographs. Though the clothes look like ordinary gray jackets, the fabric has a special coating that reflects light back at the camera and leaves the wearer’s identity anonymous. The line contains jackets, hoodies, suits, scarves, and hats.
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