News Recap: February 6, 2015

Weekly recap of art-world news.

Atlanta Bomb Squad Detonates Pinhole Camera
A pinhole camera made from a Pepsi can caused an Atlanta freeway to shut down in both directions while the bomb squad examined it. The camera was being used by a Georgia State University student to create a solargraph, a photograph that tracks the movement of the sun over a long period of time. Police, firefighters, and a bomb squad responded to the report and blew up the device.
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Hollywood Saves Kodak
Kodak has finalized film supply agreements with the six major Hollywood studios. Recent Oscar nominated films were shot on Kodak and directors such as Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, and more pushed for Hollywood studios to keep the film stock in use.
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No More Selfie Sticks in Museums
In the name of “visitor safety” and to protect their art, museums such as Dia: Beacon, MFA Boston, MoMA, and others have banned the use of the selfie stick. Selfies and other photography for personal use is permitted and even encouraged to promote the museums and their exhibitions, but additional equipment must be checked at the door.
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Art Critic Jerry Saltz Wins National Magazine Award
New York magazine writer Jerry Saltz was awarded the Columns & Commentary award for three essays at the National Magazine Award dinner.
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