News Recap: April 17, 2015

Weekly recap of art world news.

Kissing the War Goodbye , Lt. Victor Jorgensen - US archives via  Wikimedia Commons

Kissing the War Goodbye, Lt. Victor Jorgensen - US archives via Wikimedia Commons

Scandal Over World War II Photos Causes Russian Museum to Close
The Metenkov House Museum of Photography’s exhibition Triumph and Tragedy was cancelled before it opened. The exhibition was to feature 150 WWII photographs by American and British photographers. Following objection to the absence of Soviet soldiers in the photographs, the museum has been closed by the FSB, a successor of the Soviet KGB.
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Routine Plumbing Job Reveals Ancient Roman Treasures
In Lecce, Italy, Mr. Faggiano planned to open a restaurant. A broken toilet pipe caused him to excavate the basement and turned into a full-scale, multi-year archaeological dig that has resulted in the Museum Faggiano. The museum includes layers of underground chambers and centuries of history including art and artifacts.
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Counterfeit Nikons Discovered on the Second-Hand Market
Thinking of buying a used Nikon? Buyer beware. Nikon Europe has released a warning about modified or counterfeit DSLRs hitting the second-hand market. The most common cases involve lower end models with badges from a newer model such as passing a D800 for a D800E.
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