News Recap: April 24, 2015

Weekly recap of art world news. 

Antiques Roadshow talks with Andrew about his Edward Weston prints.

Antiques Roadshow talks with Andrew about his Edward Weston prints.

Antiques Roadshow Values Edward Weston Prints at $260,000
Antiques Roadshow, the TV show that travels the country appraising junk and/or treasure recently valued a set of four Edward Weston prints at $260,000. The owner, Andrew, was thrilled with the unexpected result. The prints had been in his family for decades and he had never had them examined.
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Court Rules in Favor of Photographer Who Secretly Photographed His Neighbors
In 2013 photographer Arne Svenson was sued by his NYC neighbors when they realized that he had been photographing them inside their homes for his fine art series The Neighbors. A New York State court judge dismissed the claim in 2013 citing the photographer was protected under the First Amendment, and last week the judge’s ruling was upheld by the court of appeals. 
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Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Photographer Faces Allegations of Inappropriately Photographing Students
Former instructor and photographer Bruce Monk was let go after the ballet school discovered he was under investigation for inappropriate photographs of students in various states of undress. According to authorities, multiple victims were involved.
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Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced
The Pulitzer Prize is awarded in 21 categories each year and is considered the highest award in journalism. This year's winners include New York Times photographer Daniel Berehulak's coverage of the Ebola crisis and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch photography staff's photographs of the reaction to Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, Missouri. 
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