News Recap: May 15, 2015

Weekly recap of art world news.

Prismatic Lake 2  ©Tony Hisgett, Birmingham, UK via  Wikimedia Commons

Prismatic Lake 2 ©Tony Hisgett, Birmingham, UK via Wikimedia Commons

Wyoming Law Makes Photographing on Public Land Illegal
Signed into law this spring, the Data Trespass Bill prohibits the collection of “resource data” from federal, private, and public lands in Wyoming. This includes photographs of the land, which lawmakers fear could be used as evidence of pollution. Violation of the law could result in one year in prison and up to $5,000 in fines.
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Peter Beard Sues Over Stolen Works
Photographer Peter Beard has sued California business man Bernie Chase and the Hoerie-Guggenheim Gallery in Manhattan for attempting to sell stolen works. The three pieces were allegedly stolen from a mutual friend of Beard and Chase’s apartment two years ago. 
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University of Southern California’s Entire First-Year MFA Class Drops Out in Protest
USC has lost all of their first year MFA students at the Roski School of Art. Citing among their reasons for leaving as falling victim to a “bait and switch”, in their statement, the students listed numerous grievances with the administration and the decrease in their tuition subsidization.
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