News Recap: May 29, 2015

Weekly recap of art world news.

Screenshot of SuicideGirls instagram announcement.

Screenshot of SuicideGirls instagram announcement.

SuicideGirls Respond to Richard Prince’s Recent Appropriation…Appropriately
Richard Prince’s “New Portraits” series involved the appropriation of other people’s Instagram photos. Prince took screenshots of each Instagram photo with comments, which he then enlarged and printed onto canvas. He used images from individuals as well as SuicideGirls, a popular adult lifestyle brand. In response to Prince’s profiting from their imagery at $90,000 a piece, the company has chosen to sell the same images for $90 with all proceeds donated to Electronic Frontier Foundation.
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Mary Ellen Mark Dies at 75
Legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away on May 25 at the age of 75. She is best known for her documentary work that showed people on the fringes of society in an empathetic light. Mark published 18 books of her work and produced the Oscar nominated documentary Streetwise with her husband Marin Bell, who survives her.
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Nikon Invents Heartography – a Camera for Dogs
In an experiment to make photographs from a dog’s eye view, Nikon 3D-printed a prototype camera case that can be attached to a dog. The case is connected to a heart-rate monitor that triggers the shutter when the canine’s heart rate spikes. The resulting photographs show what might be considered important to a dog and open up possibilities to heart-triggered photographs by humans.
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