News Recap: August 14, 2015

A weekly recap of art world news.

Internet Mocks TIME Magazine’s Over-the-Top New Cover
TIME Magazine’s upcoming cover photograph spawns ridicule and parody. The photo shows Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey frozen in an odd pose while wearing the virtual reality headset that he designed. Internet mockery ensued, and the image has been quickly Photoshopped into absurdity. TIME and Luckey are taking it in stride.
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Website Sells Instagram Selfies to Total Strangers
Following in the path of Richard Prince (but possibly on weaker legal footing), a new website will sell you a random Instagram #selfie for $150. 
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Honolulu Museum Sues Collector for Donating Smuggled Artworks
Honolulu Museum of Art is suing a donor of five pieces for $880,000. The museum claims that the donor failed to provide proper ownership documents for the works, and suspects that they were “not lawfully obtained, exported, or imported.”
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Notorious Gardner Museum Art Thieves Identities Discovered
Another wrinkle in the story of the 1990 theft of $500 million worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum: The FBI announced that they know the identities of the two men who committed the heist. The bad news? They’re both dead.
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