News Recap: September 18, 2015

A weekly recap of art world news.

A blocked composition from the camera's viewfinder.

A blocked composition from the camera's viewfinder.

New Camera Designed to Reject Clichéd Photographs
German designer Philipp Schmitt has developed a camera that allows only original photos. The “Camera Restrica” is made from a smartphone that uses PRS metadata from the popular photo sharing site Flickr to determine the popularity of a location. If the device identifies over 35 pictures made in the location, the shutter retracts, blocking the viewfinder and stopping the user from capturing an image.
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Slow Exposures Photography Festival Opens
Slow Exposures celebrates its 13th year this week with a variety of exhibitions, pop-up shows, lectures and more in the rural surroundings of Pike County, Georgia. The festival has grown tremendously since its founding in 2003 and at its center is the juried exhibition, judged this year by Jerry Atnip and John A. Bennette, 
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1400-year-old Church Floor Mosaic Destroyed by Robbers
In an attempt to steal a Byzantine-era mosaic from a church in northern Israel, two men uprooted the floor, smashing the mosaic in the process. The thieves were caught by police during a stakeout and are facing up to five years in prison.
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