News Recap: January 22, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

Screenshot of Amalia Ulman's Instagram.

Instagram Sensation Amalia Ulman to Show at Tate Modern
The inclusion of Amalia Ulman’s Instagram-based work in Performing for the Camera, Tate Modern’s upcoming exhibition about performance and photography, has sparked controversy. Ulman’s Instagram project Excellences and Perfections examines the role of social media in an art historical context. The artist claims that while her social media account shows selfies, kittens, and other snapshots, the entire piece was scripted and intended to be performance art. Nonetheless, many do not feel that Instagram has a place in the world’s most visited modern and contemporary art museum.
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Art Students League Sued by Nearly 300 of its Members
The 140-year-old nonprofit art school in New York City is being sued by nearly 300 of the 3,945 voting members over the sale of air rights above the school’s landmarked headquarters. The $31.8 million sale to Extell Development will allow for construction of one of the tallest residential towers in the world. Citing other grievances as well, the voting members who have filed the lawsuit believe that the institution’s constitution is long overdue for an update.
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Photographer Leila Alaoui Dies at 33 in Terrorist Attack
While on assignment for Amnesty International, French-Moroccan photographer Leila Alaoui sustained fatal injuries from an al-Qaeda attack in a restaurant and hotel in Burkina Faso. Alaoui studied photography at the City University of New York and has exhibited her work internationally since 2009. Additionally, she has been published in The Guardian, Vogue, and The New York Times among others.
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