News Recap: October 21, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

Now You Can Text Old Masters Emojis to Your Friends
Artist and writer Molly Young, and Teddy Blanks of the design studio CHIPS, have collaborated on a “sticker pack” of emojis featuring the heads from Old Masters paintings. Young’s idea for the project began with her purchase of a 16th-century Portrait of a Child in an Interior of the “Cremonese School.” Young began to look for similarly expressive characters in paintings, particularly the Flemish and Cremonese Old Masters. Young and her partner amassed a large digital collection of facial expressions and realized that scaled down, the collection would make for an entertaining, and educational, set of emojis.
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The National Portrait Gallery Acquires a Set of Photographs by the Douglas Brothers
Brothers Stuart and Andrew Douglas were once described as the “most desirable photographers of their generation” before giving up their London studio in the mid-1990s and working separately. The duo spent over 10 years creating portraits of celebrities including Tilda Swinton, Daniel Day-Lewis, and others—photographs that were almost lost to the world. The portraits had remained forgotten for nearly 20 years before they were rescued from a condemned storage warehouse. 48 hours before the building was demolished, the brothers sent their manager to clear out the locker. The collection includes 30 crates of negatives and prints.
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Sweden’s National Museum Releases 3,000 Images on Wikimedia Commons
While the National Museum is under construction, only a small part of its collection is available to the public. In an effort to allow more people to enjoy its works, the museum, in partnership with Wikimedia Sweden, uploaded high resolution images of 3,000 paintings from its collection to Wikimedia Commons.
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