News Recap: November 11, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

St. John the Baptist  by Leonardo Da Vinci. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

St. John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Louvre Unveils Controversial Restoration of Da Vinci Masterpiece
The Louvre Museum unveiled Da Vinci’s masterpiece “St. John the Baptist” on Wednesday after nine months of restoration. The announcement of the painting’s restoration was controversial, with many professionals concerned that the painting would be damaged or too light—something they complained has happened in other Da Vinci restorations. “St. John the Baptist” was painted in 1503 and had darkened significantly since its last cleaning in 1802.
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Austrian Group Caught Attempting to Sell Picasso Fakes
At the beginning of the year, Austrian authorities received a tip about a group selling Picasso forgeries. The suspects used a hotel room at the Vienna airport as their home base and were caught by undercover police, attempting to sell five forgeries for over $11 million each. The suspects claim they believed the works to be authentic and had no intention of defrauded buyers.
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GoPro Karma Recalled for Falling Out of the Sky
GoPro has announced it is recalling all of the 2,5000 GoPro Karma camera drones sold since the device wen on sale 16 days ago. The decision to recall comes from reports of the drones losing power during flight and falling out of the sky. Those who have purchased the drone will receive a full refund while the glitch is investigated.
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