News Recap: June 17, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

Photo by: AgnosticPreachersKid via  wikimedia commons

Photo by: AgnosticPreachersKid via wikimedia commons

Corcoran Art School Lays Off Over Half Its Faculty
As part of the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design’s integration into George Washington University, 10 of the school’s 19 full-time faculty’s contracts were not renewed for the fall semester. Current and former students have expressed their outrage at the actions of the administration by writing open letters and speaking with the press. Many of the professors who have been let go have expressed their disappointment in the lack of transparency during the school’s merger with George Washington University.
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ARTnews SA Files for Bankruptcy
Two weeks after newsprint mogul Peter Brant announced that he had “assumed full control” of his magazines, (including ARTnews, Art in America, Magazine Antiques and Modern Magazine) the newsprint mogul filed for bankruptcy. This is the latest development in a series of changes for the 114-year-old magazine ARTnews, which merged in 2015 with Brant’s Art in America, giving him at 47.61 percent share in Artnews SA. Following the merger, ARTnews dropped from monthly to quarterly, and its CEO resigned. Brant’s ownership of Interview was not part of the deal and has remained unaffected.
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Ads Featuring “Unrealistic Body Image” are Banned from London Transit
Sadiq Khan, London’s new mayor, has officially banned all advertisements that “conform to an unrealistic body image” in the London Transit system. This ban will include the 12,000 ad space in the Tube, trains, buses, and stations around the city. The new rules will take effect this July.
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