News Recap: August 19, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

Brooks Institute Closes Unexpectedly
The for-profit Ventura visual arts school, The Brooks Institute, abruptly ceased student enrollment and has announced that classes will not resume in the fall. The campus is scheduled to close October 31, 2016 and will return tuition to those currently enrolled for the fall. Since 2005, enrollment had declined from 2500 students to just 250 in 2016.
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Camera Bag Deemed “Suspicious” Gets Blown Up by Bomb Squad
Security guards outside Kansas City, Missouri’s city hall noticed a black camera bag around 3:40am. Police were called and the bag was detonated by the bomb and arson squad around 6:30am. After examining the “bits of debris” left by the explosion, police concluded that the “suspicious package” was merely a tripod, camera, and other photography equipment. At this time, no photographers have come forward to claim responsibility.
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Photographer Kippa Matthews Dies at 54
The distinguished magazine and newspaper photographer Kippa Matthews has died from a heart attack at the age of 54. His photographic legacy is his long time archive of York, England. Matthews began his career at John Pick’s news agency before relocating to London to work for the Guardian, Independent, and Times. He moved back to York with his family and continued to contribute to the national media until his death.
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