News Recap: September 2, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

Inside of New York Central Art Supply Inc. Photo: Google Maps

Inside of New York Central Art Supply Inc. Photo: Google Maps

America’s Oldest Art Supply Store Closes After 111 Years
New York Central Art Supply Inc. will close its doors on September 2, 2016 after 111 years of operation. Owner Doug Steinberg cites the sale of the property and losing business to larger retail chains as major factors in the decision to close. Located in the East Village, the store was one of only three independently-owned art supply shops remaining in Manhattan. Clients who depend on New York Central Art Supply for its specialty papers have begun to reach out to DaVinci Art Supply in Gramercy.
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Photojournalist Marc Riboud Dies at 93
Celebrated French photojournalist Marc Riboud died in Paris on Tuesday at the age of 93. A protégé of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Riboud’s career spanned six decades and produced some of the most iconic images from the 1950s and 60s. One of his most famous photographs depicts a young woman presenting a flower to members of the National Guard during an anti-Vietnam protest in 1967. As a member of Magnum photo agency, Riboud traveled the world and published his images in numerous publications including Life. His works have been collected in over a dozen monographs and he has exhibited extensively.
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Nathan Lyons Dies at 86
Nathan Lyons, a photographer and significant figure in the photographic community has died at the age of 86. A curator, educator, author, and arts administrator, Lyons was involved in the development of Society for Photographic Education, Visual Studies Workshop, and Oracle. He served as Associate Director and Curator of Photography at George Eastman House in the 1960s and was a founding trustee of the New York Foundation for the Arts, serving as chair for 20 years. As a photographer, Lyons is best known for a lifelong trilogy of publications of the urban landscape.
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Photography-Themed Bar With Working Darkroom to Open in D.C.
A bar called “The Darkroom” is in the works for Florida Ave. in Washington D.C. Its mission is to “build community through the art of photography” and will include a photo studio, art gallery, and a working darkroom in the bar. The Darkroom will also serve charcuterie, cheese, and olives.
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