News Recap: September 30, 2016

A weekly recap of art world news.

“Seascape at Scheveningen” (1882) was stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2002

“Seascape at Scheveningen” (1882) was stolen from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2002

Two Stolen Van Gogh Paintings Recovered in Italy
Two Van Gogh paintings that were on the FBI’s Top Ten unsolved crime list have been recovered in Naples, Italy. The paintings “Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen” and “View of the Sea at Schveningen” were both stolen from the Van Gogh Museum of Art in Amsterdam in 2002. The later is considered one of Van Gogh’s masterworks. The paintings were sold for a large sum of money to an unknown buyer prior to their recovery.
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Thieves Rob California Camera Store by Sawing Through the Wall
Keeble & Schuchat Photography in Palo Alto, California has been robbed. Far from the standard smash and grab, the thieves cut a hole into the wall behind the Nikon display case and stole $20,000 - $30,000 in camera equipment.
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Jock Sturges Exhibition in Moscow Shuts Down After Vandalism
The Lumiere Brothers Photography center has come under fire from Moscow citizens for exhibiting the work of photographer Jock Sturges. Sturges, whose fine art photographs made in a French nudist colony over the last several decades, is often regarded as a controversial artist. Protestors claiming the photographs were a form of child abuse defiled the images with bottles of urine. The exhibition has been shut down.
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