News Recap: February 10, 2017

A weekly recap of art world news.

Paul Gauguin with a Tahitian woman. Photo: courtesy of Daniel Blau, Munich.

Newly Discovered Photographs May be the Only Images of Gauguin in Tahiti
Little is known about Paul Gaugin’s time in Tahiti, but two recently discovered photographs might provide clues. The photographs, made circa 1896, depict a group of European men and Tahitian women. A Munich-based dealer, Daniel Blau, acquired the photographs in 2015 at an obscure French auction. The artist in the photographs has not formally been identified as Gauguin, but bears a striking resemblance to his self-portraits and other known photographs of him. The pictures are attributed to Jules Agostini, a known acquaintance of Gauguin.
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The Estate of August Sander Now Represented by Hauser & Wirth
Hauser & Wirth, known for dealing in abstraction and large-scale sculpture, has announced its representation of German photographer August Sander’s estate. The arrangement is in collaboration with Julian Sander, the late photographer’s great-grandson, who runs a gallery in Cologne.
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Photographer Lennart Nilsson Dies at 94
Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson, known for his photographs of fetuses developing in the womb, has died at the age of 94. Nilsson’s groundbreaking photographs appeared in Life magazine and were later used to illustrate the 1965 book “A Child Is Born.” Nilsson began his career as a freelance photographer in the 1940s, later experimenting with the extreme close-up techniques using very thin endocopes that would make him famous.
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