News Recap: March 3, 2017

A weekly recap of art world news.

Cover of  Wild: Photographs by Ren Hang

Cover of Wild: Photographs by Ren Hang

Chinese Photographer Ren Hang Dies at 29
Ren Hang, known for his provocative portraits involving nude models and casual eroticism has died at the age of 29. Hang’s controversial photographs were often censored by the Chinese government, and led to his arrest multiple times. Nonetheless, Hang’s work is widely celebrated around the world with solo exhibitions in France, Russia, Sweden, Italy, and more. At the time of his death, Hang was working on a solo exhibition at Foam, Amsterdam.
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J. Paul Getty Museum Acquires Works by 17 Star Photographers
The J. Paul Getty Museum is slated to announce the acquisition of 386 photographs by 20th century photographers including Dorothea Lange, Imogen Cunningham, and Chris Killip. The gift is from Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser and comes in conjunction with their gift to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. of 143 silver gelatin prints by Lange.
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David Spade Sues Photographer Peter Beard Over Authenticity Dispute
Actor David Spade has filed a lawsuit against photographer Peter Beard, his wife Nejma, and his former dealer Peter Tunney over a photograph that he purchased 15 years ago. Spade is currently trying to sell the photograph “Untitled (Elephants)” and is claiming that the authenticity of the piece is now “uncertain” as it “may not have been completed or signed by Mr. Beard and may have been sold to Plaintiff without Mr. Beard’s knowledge or consent.”
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