News Recap: July 21, 2017

A weekly update of art world news.

Photo: TONL

Photo: TONL

New Stock Photo Agency Fights Black Stereotypes
A new stock agency has just entered the market and is already shaking things up. TONL, launching in full this August, is a stock photography website fighting negative portrayals of Black life and culture. Using six categories—Tone, Trust, Travel, Tradition, Taste, and Today—TONL, “allows users to pull from a diverse set of imagery, while also understanding and connecting with some of the faces and cultural experiences portrayed in the stock photos.” Featuring exclusively Black and Brown stories, TONL also spotlights the everyday tales of photography subjects in the “Narratives” section of their website. Karen Okonkwo, the co-founder of TONL, has said, “Although there are major discrepancies when it comes to how people visually perceive Black people in the United States, we knew that this was a global problem as well, and that there were people all over the world who don’t see imagery that is reflective of their daily lives.” TONL is seeking to change that.
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Flooding in France Damages Artworks in Cultural Institutions
Paris, France received a large amount of rain this week, resulting in flooding at many cultural institutions, including the Louvre. The Louvre reported flooding in the Denon Wing, Sully Wing, and the second floor of the Cour Carrée. At least three paintings have been damaged as a result of the flooding and have been removed from the galleries for restoration. Those damaged include two pieces from Nicolas Poussin’s Four Seasons (1660-1664) and The Triumph of Mordecai (c. 1736) by Jean François de Troy. The National Library of France and the Ministry of Culture also suffered damages as a result of the downpour.
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Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné to Expand, Unofficially
Author, art dealer, and authenticator, Richard Polsky, has set out to launch a controversial addition to the Warhol catalogue raisonné—without the backing of the Warhol Foundation. Polsky’s addendum seeks to include authenticated works refused by the foundation, stating, “Warhol put out so much work and so much of this is falling in between the cracks. There are paintings out there that are genuine and there are things I’ve examined that for various reasons didn’t pass muster with their people.” The Warhol Foundation is working on its own addendum to the official catalogue raisonné and does not support Polsky’s endeavor.
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New York Democratic Socialists Call for B&H Photo Boycott
The New York Democratic Socialists have launched a boycott against B&H Photo after reports of employee neglect and the pending migration of warehouses from Brooklyn to New Jersey. The boycott is taking place in person and online with representatives picketing outside of the B&H Manhattan store every Saturday and a petition to sign on their website. B&H commented on this development, stating, “We have not engaged them because they do not represent our workers. The union does, and we have regular conversations with the union.”
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