News Recap: January 5, 2018

A weekly update of art world news.

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Nan Goldin Launches P.A.I.N. Against the Sackler Family
Photographer Nan Goldin, a long-time struggler with addiction, has formed the Prescription Addiction Intervention Now (P.A.I.N.) group in response to the opioid crisis. P.A.I.N. aims to pressure The Sackler family into using their OxyContin-made fortune to fund addiction education and treatment. Known for her artwork and previous exploits during the 80’s, Goldin wrote a recent piece in ArtForum. “Most of my community was lost to AIDS. I can’t stand by and watch another generation disappear.” In January of 2017, Goldin went to rehab for an OxyContin addiction that started as a post-surgery treatment. She wrote, “Though I took it as directed, I got addicted overnight. It was the cleanest drug I’d ever met.” Goldin also mentioned the Sackler family, saying, “They have washed their blood money through the halls of museums and universities around the world.”
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Photographer Thomas Roma Accused of Sexual Assault
No less than five former students have accused documentary photographer Thomas Roma of sexual misconduct. In the latest sexual harassment piece by the New York Times, some events mentioned were consensual at the time, but deemed “predatory,” one of the alleged victims saying that she, “was mortified and embarrassed but went along with it.” Most of the reported events took place in the 1990s, and while the women have since found varying degrees of professional success, they came forward, on the record, with their accounts. Roma has been a teacher at over five universities, including Yale, SVA, and Cooper Union, and is currently the director of the photography department at Columbia. There have been no disciplinary actions or formal investigations applied to Roma at the time of writing.
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Stockland Martel Agency Closes
After 34 years of representing the top commercial photographers in business, Stockland Martel shuttered at the end of 2017. The founders, Bill Stockland and Marueen Martel, are retiring and plan on pursuing other interests. Stockland Martel represented artists including Walter Ioose, Art Streiber, Lauren Greenfield, and Matthew Rolston, among others. In a blog post published Monday, Stockland and Martel said, “We have been honored to represent some of the most talented photographers in the industry and are grateful for the trust they invested in us. Together, we built a business that we will forever be proud of, one that endured and thrived despite the many ways in which commercial photography has evolved since we began in 1983.” It is uncertain what will happen with the accounts of their remaining photographers.
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