News Recap: December 14, 2018

A weekly update of art world news.


One Instant to Bring Back Instant Peel-Apart Film
Fujifilm discontinued the last of the peel-apart instant film, FP-100C, in 2016 despite efforts by Impossible founder Florian Kaps to keep it in production. Kaps and his team at Supersense—an analog-as-concept based team of manufacturers—has successfully launched a new peel-apart film called One Instant. Kaps insists that the new film is not a new production of the classic packfilm, but a reimagining for the next generation of packfilm photographers.
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One Suspect in Custody for Theft of Renoir Painting
Last month, three middle-aged thieves stole a Renior landscape from the Dorotheum auction house in Vienna. One of the suspects has been taken into custody by police. The thieves removed the painting, Golfe, Mer Falasises Vertes (1895) from its frame and left the building undetected. The painting was estimated to sell between $136,421 and $181,895. The auction house’s surveillance cameras recorded the suspects who stole painting in a matter of minutes while it was on display in preview of the Modern art sale. Two of the suspects are still on the run.
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Manfred Heitings Citadel of Books Destroyed
The fires that claimed many acres in Northern California have also claimed the Manfred Heitings Citadel of Books, owned by founding member of the J. Paul Getty Museum Council, Manfred Heiting. The collection included over 36,000 volumes, some of which had survived over five centuries. The library consisted of photography, books, books on photography, and was considered an invaluable collection of the history of photography and its intersection with literature.
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