News Recap: March 2, 2018

A weekly update of art world news.

Venus of Willendorf

Venus of Willendorf

Facebook Censors Photo of Venus of Willendorf
“Artivist” Laura Ghianda posted an image of the 30,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf to Facebook only to have it taken down by the social media company. Facebook cited its “pornographic nature” as the reason for removal, even though Facebook’s current policy on art censorship allows for “photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.” This is just the latest in a number of art censorship accusations facing Facebook. The Venus of Willendorf Sculpture is on view as a part of the Naturhistorisches Museum’s collection in Vienna.
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Supernova Caught on Camera
An amateur photographer by the name of Victor Buso has captured the first ever documentation of a supernova on camera. Buso made roughly 100 exposures over an hour and a half while experimenting with his telescope camera. The supernova was born during the last 30 minutes of shooting and, according to scientists, the odds of anyone capturing the exact moment of explosion is roughly 1 in 100 million. Professional astronomers have since begun their own investigation into the supernova in galaxy NGC 613.
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The Richard Avedon Foundation Lists Over 200 Errors in New Biography
An unauthorized biography about Richard Avedon was released in 2017 and the Richard Avedon Foundation has recently published a growing list of over 200 mentions the Foundation cites as inaccuracies. Written by Avedon’s former studio director, Norma Stevens, and published by Spiegel and Grau, Something Personal, claims that Avedon had a relationship with Marilyn Monroe, among other private alleged information. The Foundation has requested the book be pulled, to which the publisher responded, “The Foundation has provided ‘no evidence’ that the list of inaccuracies they perceive in the book are in fact errors.”
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