News Recap: March 23, 2018

A weekly update of art world news.

Jesse James

Jesse James

Jesse James Photograph Purchased for $10, Worth $2,000,000
An outlaw enthusiast was browsing Ebay in July of last year when he came across an authentic photograph of Jesse James at age 14. Justin Whiting purchased the tintype for $10 using the “Buy It Now” feature on Ebay. He then took it to forensic experts who verified the photo’s authenticity and valued it at around $2,000,000. Will Dunniway, a 19th century photo expert, said, “[It’s a] one-of-a-kind original that most likely was handled by the teenaged Jesse James himself.”
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Banksy Returns to New York
After five years, Banksy has returned to New York. Making a splash with a mural on Houston street featuring the Turkish artist Zehra Doğan behind bars made out of the tally of days she’s spent in prison (she’s currently jailed for alleged ties to the Kurdistan Worker’s Party). The piece is a collaboration with street artist Borf, and projects a video above the mural calling for her release. Banksy has hit two other locations with three murals, one of which has already been removed and is rumored to be auctioned.
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New Photography’s “Being” Opens at MoMA
Every two years for the last 25 years MoMA has put on a photography survey entitled New Photography. This year’s theme is “Being,” represented by 17 artists from eight different countries, including Aïda Muluneh, Carmen Winant, Hương Ngô and Hồng-Ân Trương, and Stephanie Syjuco. The politics of the show reflect on representation, identity, and privacy, making it the most diverse in its history. New Photography will be on view through August 19, 2018.
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