News Recap: March 30, 2018

A weekly update of art world news.

Photo: Stephen Shames

Stephen Shames Archive Acquired by Briscoe Center
The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin recently added the archive of the Black Panther Party’s official photographer, Stephen Shames. Shames photographed the Black Panthers from 1967-1973, in addition to his work as a photojournalist around the world. Shames met Bobby Seale, the co-founder of the Party, at Vietnam protest in 1967, where he went on to photograph the Party’s intimate moments, protests, and Panther schools. The photographer once stated, “I hope students and scholars can use these archives to enter worlds they cannot see in person, but can experience through historic photography. I learned a great deal from the people I photographed. I hope others can expand their knowledge and understanding of our world through my work.”
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Nicholas Nixon Retires from Massachusetts College of Art and Design During Title IX Investigation
The Massachusetts College of Art and Design has opened a Title IX investigation into allegations against, now former, professor and photographer Nicholas Nixon. Nixon’s work is currently on view at Boston’s ICA and is represented in museum collections across America. In a letter to students, faculty, and alumni, MassArt President David Nelson wrote, “For too long, we have heard that ‘it’s just the way it is’ with respect to sexual harassment and sexual violence. I reject that notion, and I know you do too. We can effect change by empowering students who challenge that idea and by preparing leaders who are committed to a better future for the art and design world.” Nixon announced his retirement on March 2 and is no longer on campus.
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Photo Macau Teases 2019 Fair
Slated to launch in 2018, Photo Macau has decided to defer a year and offer a teaser to next year’s fair instead. “We had 35 galleries apply but [we] cancelled because the quality was not consistent with our criteria,” said the director of Photo Macau, Johann Nowak. However, Photo Macau did put together a “streamlined” event that closed this week featuring six galleries and three exhibitions. Included in the preview were works by Horst P. Horst as well as a video of the 1976 performance of the artist Ulay stealing Hitler’s favorite painting.
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