News Recap: April 13, 2018

A weekly update of art world news.

Nicholas Nixon, still from Museum of Modern Art video on the artist (screenshot  via YouTube )

Nicholas Nixon, still from Museum of Modern Art video on the artist (screenshot via YouTube)

Nicholas Nixon Shuts Down Show at ICA Boston
After an extensive report in the Boston Globe detailing sexual harassment by photographer Nicholas Nixon, the artist has elected to shut down his current exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. ICA leadership had made the decision to keep Nixon’s show open while creating new signage and a forum online addressing the sexual harassment allegations after they came forward. But Nixon felt that “it is impossible for these photographs to be viewed on their own merits any longer. In response, with deep regret, and only after careful thought, I believe it is more respectful to all concerned—to your mission, and to the work itself—to remove the exhibit as soon as possible.” Nicholas Nixon: Persistence of Vision closes, 10 days early, today.
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Max Hollein Appointed Director of the Met
Last year Thomas Campbell, Director of the Met, stepped down from his post after eight years at the museum’s helm. After a year of searching for a replacement, the board has elected Max Hollein, Director and CEO of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, to take over the position. Beginning this summer, the 48-year-old Director will begin working with the museum’s President and CEO, Daniel Weiss. Together they will work toward the Met’s “ongoing commitment to growing contemporary art programming” and maintaining their current collections. Hollein has said, “While my background is maybe curatorially in contemporary art, from the very beginning I’ve run institutions that have a very broad spectrum of programming and collections. I’m coming to the Met for the opportunity of running the most important encyclopedic museum in the world… I think that’s really the driving factor and that’s where my focus and energy will be.”
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Protests Emerge at The Brooklyn Museum Amidst African Art Curator Appointment
The Brooklyn Museum has newly appointed Kristen Windmuller-Luna as the Curator for African Art. Windmuller-Luna is a white woman, has a PhD in the area of study, and was unanimously elected by the museum’s board. However, protesters have gathered from 12 anti-gentrification coalitions and organizations around New York to call for the decolonization of the museum. Demands include removing all real estate tycoons from the board, diversifying the staff, and an institutional commitment to the community it serves by creating a de-gentrification initiative. The Brooklyn Museum has issued a statement in support of the curatorial hire.
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