News Recap: October 11, 2019

A weekly update of art world news.

Rare 150-Year-Old Photographs of the Amazon Sold at Auction for $81,000
Over 150 years ago, German photographer Albert Frisch photographed life in Brazil’s Upper Amazon during the earliest successful photographic expedition to the region in 1867-1868. These incredibly rare photographs offer are now the second known set of an album, the other of which is located in the archives of the Weltmuseum in Vienna. Until the discovery of this group, it had been thought to be the only set of prints. The lot of 98 photographs contains two photographs (plates 99 and 100) not represented in the Vienna album and was sold to the Instituto Moreira Salles in Brazil for $81,250.
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Ex-Museum Director Stole $31,000 and Faked a Burglary
Colleen Janz, the former Director of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum in Adams, MA has been accused by the board of stealing $31,000. Janz assumed her position in 2012 and for three years until she was fired in 2018, embezzled funds by funneling money and falsifying documents for 340 unauthorized transactions, including the purchase of jewelry, wood pellets, satellite TV, car insurance, and cruise line and Six Flags tickets. The board became aware of the missing funds when a vendor contacted the museum about missing a payment. Janz had allegedly told the vendor that his payment would be delayed because $8,000 had been stolen from the museum. Janz was arraigned earlier this month and pleaded not guilty to a larceny charge.
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Artist Pepper-Sprayed and Arrested for Selling Art in Washington Square Park Without a Table
New York Artist and professor Oriel Ceballos was arrested in Washington Square Park on Sunday, October 6 for displaying his art on the ground instead of a table. Three police officers asked Ceballos to remove his paintings that were near a fence west of the fountain. When the artist declined their request and asked for a ticket, the officers tackled and pepper-sprayed him before taking him into police custody. Witnesses say the arrest and treatment of the artist was “totally unnecessary” and several recorded the incident. Ceballos claims the officers never explained their reason for the arrest or read him his Miranda Rights. Since 2013, city regulations have prohibited the display of artwork for sale without a table, but the enforcement of the rules have never resulted in an arrest.
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