News Recap: February 8, 2019

A weekly update of art world news.

Cignature Films, Fight Club

Cignature Films, Fight Club

Stuff This in Your Kazoo and Blow on It
Online content creators at MSCHF Internet Studios under the name Cignature Films have launched a new project that aims to replace the cigarettes in movies and TV shows with kazoos. This comical substitution is meant to highlight the abundance of smoking on screen. Their website has a warning on the screen that reads “44% of adolescents who start smoking do so because of smoking imagery they have seen in movies.” Though there is no citing for this data, it is known that those who are on screen are influential to those who watch them. Some of the movies and TV shows they will be released on this non-smoking website include The Godfather, Fight Club, and Stranger Things. Watch the pilot episode of Mad Men on their website (
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Oregon College of Art and Craft Terminates Degree Program
The Oregon College of Art and Craft board of trustees has announced that all degree programs will be terminated at the end of the academic year. The college’s interim president Jiseon Lee Isabara said the deficits sustained by the school in the past decade have exhausted the foundation’s funds. The board is exploring options for the organization, but has decided that it will not have a degree-granting program. The college has begun the process of selling its 8.6 acre campus.
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New Gallery for Socially Engaged Art in New York City
The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice plans to open an art gallery at its midtown headquarters in New York City. The director of the gallery, Lisa Kim, said in an interview with ARTnews that the gallery has a “goal to provide a global perspective and show how art is a vital component to pushing forward social change.” Their first show in March 2019 will be a group show that will emphasize justice and injustice in relation to race, class, and gender.
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