News Recap: May 17, 2019

A weekly update of art world news.

Self-Portrait Nursing  pendant by Catherine Opie for the new LIZWORK Cameo line. Photo courtesy of LIZWORKS.

Self-Portrait Nursing pendant by Catherine Opie for the new LIZWORK Cameo line. Photo courtesy of LIZWORKS.

Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman Collaborate on New Line of Jewelry
Together with the aid of Liz Swig’s LIZWORKS, Catherine Opie and Cindy Sherman are collaborating on a jewelry line. Consisting of nine pieces inspired by cameo jewelry. Liz Swig was inspired to reach out to the artists after viewing Opie’s series of photographs of oval portraits with dark contrasting backgrounds. The photographs reminded her of classic antique cameo pendants and with that vision in mind, she contacted Opie as well as Sherman proposing a collaboration. The resulting jewelry line includes pendants, and cufflinks, and more. This series was produced in limited edition and prices are available upon request on the LIZWORKS website.
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Multi-Media Artist Lutz Bacher Dies at 75
Elusive multi-media artist Lutz Bacher has died at the age of approximately 75 years old. Not a lot is known biographically about the artist and that is how she wished to maintain her life throughout her career. Although her life is much a mystery, she was a prolific artist whose themes varied greatly and included popular media appropriation, the male gaze, video performances, and surveillance. In her later career, she exhibited widely in solo and group shows including the Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis; MoMA PS1; Institute of Contemporary Arts in London as well as appearing in the 2012 Whitney Biennial.
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The MET Will No Longer Accept Gifts from the Sackler Family
This week the MET announced that it will no longer accept any gifts from members of the Sackler family that are associated with Purdue Pharma. This decisions follows months of public protests at the MET. The museum released a statement that, “on occasion, [we] feel it’s necessary to step away from gifts that are not in the public interest, or in [the] institution’s interest.” This decision comes two months after both the Tate and the Guggenheim declared comparable policies.
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