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Brookline Arts Center Artist Residency

Brookline Artist Residency
Deadline: April 14

Brookline Arts Center
Brookline, MA

Selected artist(s) will receive a stipend of $1,000 for the residency. Benefits of the program include:

  • Studio space.

  • 24-hour access to 2D, ceramics, small metals studio (when classes are not in session) and gallery space to be used for art-making.

  • A formal critique at the mid-point and end of the residency.

  • Use of equipment, machines and tools (with proper instruction).

  • Opportunities to take classes with our faculty.

  • Administrative staff support.

Expectations:  Artist(s) are expected to create a site-specific, original installation or series of work for our gallery while in residence at the BAC. A site visit prior to submission is strongly encouraged. Artist(s) are encouraged to intereact with the environment of the BAC and the greater community of Brookline throughout the eight-week program. Exploration of and interaction with the community includes an open studio experience and a culminating reception showcasing the work. One public talk and/or workshop will also be developed and presented, led by the artist(s) in residence with the goal of enriching the community through artistic engagement. Artist(s) are responsible for procurement of materials, furniture and supplies. Projects should be self-directed.

Policies:  Housing and transportation are the responsibility of the artist(s). No alterations to the gallery space should be made without prior written permission from the Executive Director including, but not limited to ceiling screws and painting the walls. No aerosols or hazardous materials requiring specialized ventilation systems are allowed. The artist(s) should supply any A/V equipment necessary for the exhibit. The BAC will supply several sizes of hooks, screws and nails for hanging. Select pedestal and shelf sizes are available as well for presentation. Artist(s) will be required to return space to its original condition upon the completion of the exhibition.

Gallery Specifications: Work size is limited to the space available within the gallery itself, with limited options to expand on the second floor. The main gallery is approximately 127 square feet and includes a hanging wall that is 12′ tall x 18′ long. A second floor hallway that is 121 square feet is also available.

Fees: $35