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New Hope Arts: Exposure: America on the Move

Exposure: America on the Move
Deadline: May 30

New Hope Arts
New Hope, PA

Most of us lead fast paced lives. Whether it be traveling for leisure or our daily commute, exploration and extreme sports, even fitness goals, we're on the move. When Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, Harley Davidson in 1903, we never looked back. The high energy pace of NYC and it's subways and trains. From snowboarding to horseback riding, ziplining to donkey rides in the Grand Canyon, what keeps you going? We're inviting photographers of all mediums to enter this year's 'Exposure: America on the Move'. Think about movement and what you've seen or experienced. From dancing, motorcross, the rat race of our daily commute. What does movement mean to you?

Fees: $40