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Council on Aging: Aging as Art

Aging as Art
Deadline: May 4

Council on Aging
Newport Beach, CA

Michele Cardon, Director of Photography, Orange County Register
Jacques Garnier, Artist President of The Legacy Project
Laurel Hungerford, Photographer
Laurie Mirman, Founder/President, Site Services
Barbara White, Photographer

How do you perceive aging today? Is it the thriving lifestyle of seniors taking on new careers, volunteering or being physically active? Or is it the traditional notion of the harsher realities of aging?

The Council on Aging – Southern California invites all amateur and professional photographers, 18 years of age or older residing in the United States, to use their imagination and share their vision and unique interpretation of the aging experience.

The Aging as Art Photography Show will be juried by a panel of distinguished judges. Selected entries will be displayed at Bowers Museum in Santa Ana July 2019. Aging as Art will also be displayed at Newport Beach Central Library August 2019.

The Aging as Art Photography Show depicts the diversity, dignity, and challenges of what living a long life means today.

Submissions may characterize what a long life means to you, from thriving lifestyles to the harsher realities of aging. Selected photographs will be displayed online and at special showings including the Bowers Museum July 23 - August 4, 2019 and the Newport Beach Public Central Library August 2019. 

Fees: $30 for up to 3 images