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Diffusion X, print annual

Diffusion X
Deadline: June 17

Diffusion Magazine

Editors: Blue Mitchell & Liz Kale

Join us in celebrating Diffusion’s TEN year anniversary! It’s a milestone we are very proud of. In an effort to reflect our appreciation for our reader’s support and the photographic community in general, our theme for our tenth annual is:

A Love Letter to the Crafters of Photography

In our podcast, The Diffusion Tapes, the topic of “the photographic community” often comes up with my guests and how their peer’s support and collaboration feed their projects. This is what Diffusion has been for me the past ten years, a vehicle for collaboration, a venue for personal curatorial expression, and most importantly my lifeline to some the finest people I’ve ever met.

And although I’m here for the art, I am biased to the people. I celebrate you.

So now, let us celebrate some art. A love letter to the crafters, an homage to the history, the celebration of bonds made, you know, all the warm and fuzzies. For this milestone issue, we intend to focus more on storytelling and less on abstractions. Help us spin a yarn. How about in ten chapters? Seems apropos to me.

—Blue Mitchell, Publisher, Diffusion

About: Diffusion is primarily a limited run print publication published by One Twelve Publishing. We strive to spotlight artists pushing the boundaries of standard photographic processes in a beautifully designed annual book.

Fees: $16


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