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Blue Sky Gallery: Blue Sky Ahead

Blue Sky Ahead
Deadline: June 3

Blue Sky Gallery
Portland, OR

Blue Sky: Ahead is a two month exhibition series, which celebrates the legacy of Blue Sky’s founders and highlights the future of photography in Oregon, as seen through the eyes of Blue Sky’s founders.

Founded in 1975 with the hard work and unemployment checks of five twenty-something photographers, Blue Sky is now 44 years old. With this exhibition, we seek to honor our past, and think about the future.

We are honoring our past by holding an exhibition of work by our five founders in October 2019, our birthday month. Blue Sky will utilize both of its galleries for Blue Sky Ahead: Founders, an exhibition of work by Blue Sky’s founders Christopher Rauschenberg, Craig Hickman, Robert DiFranco, Ann Hughes, and Terry Toedtemeier.  

Then, in honor of Blue Sky’s 44th birthday, we look to the future of photography, as represented by people younger than the organization. In November 2019, Blue Sky will utilize both of its galleries for Blue Sky Ahead: Future, an exhibition of five Oregon photographic artists, ages 44 and younger, chosen from this call to represent the future of photography in Oregon. Blue Sky’s founders will select from the open call for the exhibition. Prudence Roberts will select on behalf of Terry Toedtemeier, and Blue Sky’s Exhibition Committee will also select one artist. 

Programming and Traveling Exhibition

An exhibition that combines highlights of these two shows will travel to Umpqua Valley Arts Association (Roseburg, OR) in early 2020. We will also be creating an exhibition catalog, including images from each artist, artist statements, and essays. Blue Sky will host 3 or more events during this two-month exhibition. We welcome artist participation if possible (not required).


  • All applicants must live in Oregon and be 44 years old or younger at the time of submission.

  • To be considered for the exhibition, all artwork must be photo- or video-based.

Financial Considerations

Each artist will receive at $500 honorarium for their participation in the exhibition. No further funds are available. Artists are responsible for shipping or delivering their work to Blue Sky. Blue Sky will be responsible for returning work to artists at the conclusion of the exhibition at Umpqua Valley Arts Association.

Artists are welcome to offer their work for sale while on view at Blue Sky. Please keep in mind that Blue Sky takes a 50% commission on all sales.

Fees: FREE