In Motion: Alastair Cook

This series showcases those who have expanded their artistic palate, moving from still to motion, or motion to still. 

Filmpoem is a project established in 2009 by Scottish photographer and filmmaker Alastair Cook. Cook brings together poets and filmmakers to encourage collaborations where words inspire images. The resulting pieces engage new audiences with poetry. In addition to hosting its own annual festival, Filmpoem has partnered with some of the world’s leading poetry organizations and festivals, such as The Poetry Society, Reversed Poetry Film Fest in Amsterdam, and StAnza: Scotland’s International Poetry Festival.

As a photographer, Cook employs analog and antiquated photographic processes. His own filmpoems, such as “A Westray Prayer,” often utilize grainy or distressed reels of film that mirror the imperfections caused by the materials and techniques in his still images. Originally screened at the 2013 Filmpoem festival in Dunbar, the reading is performed by the poem’s author John Glenday. 

View more of Alastair’s work on his website.

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