In Motion: Alain W. Noire

This series showcases those who have expanded their artistic palate, moving from still to motion, or motion to still.

Vernacular photography has become increasingly popular, as more and more artists are finding ways to incorporate found photographs into their own work. There is something intriguing about recontextualizing a stranger’s story and to give it a new life. Alain W. Noire, a duo comprised of William Dissoubray and Damien Rousseau, have taken this movement a step further with their short animations. By blending collaged vintage photographs and stop motion technology; this team creates micro clips of quirky stories often devoid of narrative. Using antique photographs and rudimentary filming techniques they create surreal animations that  are fun and strange, reminiscent of the motion picture graphics from the 1960s (think Monty Python). 

View more of Alain W. Noire’s work on their website.

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